Details About the INANE Virtual Journal 2018

INANE Virtual Journal 2018

We’re repeating the success from last year and creating the INANE Virtual Journal 2018!

Here’s how it works:

  • Every Editor-in-Chief or Editor who is involved with INANE will select one article from their journal to be included in the INANE Virtual Journal 2018.
  • A citation list of the articles will be made available through the INANE website ( Citations will include article PDFs or links to the article on the journal website so everyone who accesses the INANE Virtual Journal 2018 will have all content available to read. Links to the list will be included in Guidebook. Note that the INANE Virtual Journal 2018 will be password protected. The password will be shared at INANE 2018 and at the same time (August 6) on the INANE Email Update list.

Why are we doing this? There are two main aims:

1) To publicize the variety and creativity of journals represented by INANE editors; and
2) To continue on our quest to make the annual INANE conference paperless.

Publicity: Journal editors, their editorial boards, peer reviewers, authors, and publishers work hard to create publications that meet the needs of nurses working in practice, academia, research, and leadership. INANE provides a forum to share these important contributions. The INANE Virtual Journal 2018 follows last year’s success to showcase specifically selected articles from all of our journals to highlight the diversity of our work as INANE members.

Paperless: Since 2014, the INANE conference has worked hard to be paperless. Guidebook has replaced the printed program; slide presentations and other handouts are made available through the INANE website; and the roster of attendees is provided electronically as a PDF. In 2017, the INANE Virtual Journal replaced the traditional display of printed journals. There are several reasons to continue to pursue this:

  • Inclusivity—many journals have transitioned from print to online only and there are also journals that have always been only online. Having the INANE Virtual Journal 2018 allows all INANE editors to participate, not only those with traditional print publications.
  • Cost—shipping journals to the conference venue is expensive. The INANE Virtual Journal 2018 will eliminate this expense.
  • Environmentally friendly—as noted above, INANE has been working hard to have a paperless conference. Having a table (or room) full of journals contradicts this goal. Conference planners have noted that very few attendees take journals from the display; instead, almost all are thrown in the trash at the end of the event. The INANE Virtual Journal 2018 will solve this problem.

Nitty Gritty Details and Questions

  • Do I have to be attending the INANE 2018 conference to participate?
    • No! All INANE Editors are invited to submit an article for the INANE Virtual Journal 2018. As we said, one goal is inclusivity—the more articles we have, the more vibrant the INANE Virtual Journal 2018 will be!
  • Who selects the article for the INANE Virtual Journal 2018?
    • We are asking that the most senior editorial person (Editor-in-Chief or Editor) make the article selection. Of course, this can be done in conjunction with associate editors, editorial board members, or the publisher, but the Editor makes the final decision. The Editor’s name will be included in the INANE Virtual Journal 2018,  along with complete citation information, the article PDF, or a link to the article on the journal website.
  • What criteria should be used to select an article?
    • The sky is the limit on this! Remember, the point is to represent your journal to INANE members and conference attendees. Choose an article that is meaningful to you and your readers. Some things to consider: 1) award winning; 2) most frequently downloaded or cited; 3) an article that generated reader reactions in terms of letters, tweets, or Facebook posts; 4) an article from a leading scholar in your specialty, or conversely, from a newcomer that represents new innovations or ideas; 5) an article that would be of particular interest to INANE members. These are only a few suggestions. Put on your thinking cap and be creative!
  • Any time limit? How far back can I go?
    • There is not a time limit on what can be selected. Older articles are often more frequently cited, but newer articles may contain cutting-edge information. It’s your call. Just ensure that the selecting editor was the editor at the time the article was submitted, reviewed, accepted, and published. Note: we realize that new editors (in their role for less than a year or two) may not have fully shepherded an article from submission to publication. In that case, it is acceptable to select an article that may have been processed under the prior editor’s tenure.
  • How many articles can be selected from an individual journal?
    • One.
  • Any restriction on type of article that can be selected?
    • No. Anything published in your journal is appropriate, including editorials, peer reviewed articles, department content, case studies, letters to the editor, or something else we haven’t thought of!
  • I am a publisher and would like to have journals on display at the conference. Is this still possible?
    • Absolutely! Be an Exhibitor Sponsor which includes a table, two chairs, and lunch for one participant. Click here for details. Sponsors at other levels will also have an exhibit table.
  • What do I need to submit?
  • What if the article is restricted to subscribers only (ie, not open access)?
    • Please work with your publisher to make the article available to readers of the INANE Virtual Journal 2018, ie, INANE members. If they want to limit access to a specific period of time, it should be for the month of August, 2018. Note: we have contacted publishers about the INANE Virtual Journal 2018. They are excited about this initiative and are looking forward to working with their editors to make the INANE Virtual Journal 2018 a success.
  • Deadline?
    • July 15, 2018 is the last day you can submit an article to be included in the INANE Virtual Journal 2018. However, it will be easier for everyone if you don’t wait until the last minute! Submissions can be made right now using this link. Thanks for your consideration!
  • Other questions? Please use the Contact Form at the INANE 2018 website. Someone will get back to you right away.

Thanks in advance for your support of the INANE Virtual Journal 2018!