Only 3 weeks to submit your abstract!

The due date for submission of abstracts for the 2018 INANE conference is 3 weeks from today – January 31st!  This is your opportunity to showcase your expertise, share with colleagues ideas that benefit everyone, and discuss issues that challenge us all!  Do you have a passion for a particular approach to managing your journal?  Have you discovered a new resource or idea that has benefited your work as Editor?  Is there a burning challenge that you have faced and want to discuss with your colleagues?  All of these, and more, are ideas that make a great abstract, which in turn become one of the breakout sessions that are a highlight of our annual conference.

We have four 50-minute breakout sessions planned for the program, which means there is room for 12 sessions – and you could be one of them!  Head on over to the Call for Abstracts for all the details about our easy submissions process, and get your abstract in soon – certainly before January 31st!

Peggy Chinn, Editor Advances in Nursing Science on behalf of:

Planning team: Hosts: Kathy Ahern Gould and Leslie Nicoll.
Team members: Anne Manton, Jan Bellack, Jane Flanagan, Mary Alexander, Susan Gennaro, Grif Alspach, Kate Gregory, Julia Snethen, Peggy Chinn, Joyce Fitzpatrick, Christine Vourakis


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