INANE Virtual Journal 2018

Following the success of the INANE Virtual Journal in 2017, we are doing it again for 2018!

What is the INANE Virtual Journal? It was a new initiative for INANE 2017, designed to help showcase the variety and creativity of the journals that represent the INANE membership. We know that journal editors, their editorial boards, peer reviewers, authors, and publishers work hard to create high quality publications of which they are justifiably proud. The INANE Virtual Journal was being developed as a way to showcase the important contributions that INANE member journals make to nurses in practice, academia, research, and leadership positions. It was a success and we are doing it again for 2018.

To create the INANE Virtual Journal 2018 each editor will select one article from their journal to be included. A citation list of the articles will be on the INANE Website along with PDFs or links to the article on the journal website. This will allow those who access the INANE Virtual Journal 2018 to read the content. The INANE Virtual Journal 2018 will be password protected so only INANE members will have access–this is being done to be mindful of copyright restrictions. The password will be shared at INANE 2018 and also on the INANE Email Update list.

Why is the INANE Virtual Journal 2018 being created? Primarily to highlight the diversity of scholarship that is included our journals and to be inclusive of all journals, including those that are online only, online and print combinations, as well as traditional print. A second reason is to continue our efforts to have the INANE conference be paperless. The INANE Virtual Journal replaces the journal display which has been a tradition at the INANE conference. The journal display suffers from being expensive (shipping journals to the conference) and wasteful (many journals are thrown in the trash when the conference is over). We believe that the INANE Virtual Journal 2018  is the new tradition that more fully reaches INANE members and captures content in a vital, meaningful, and creative way.

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